A Passion for Watercolour cover shot

A Passion for Watercolour

West Country artist Karen Thomas, best known for her contemporary animal and wildlife paintings, has written a book designed to be a showcase of her watercolour journey and to provide encouragement to those embarking on their own painting journey.  


"Designed to be an object of beauty and function, A Passion for Watercolour is a book I'm proud of.  A keeper.  Part coffee-table art book, part personal approach and journey ..."

"... increasingly, I feel as though I have insights to share that I haven’t found recorded in print. ... my insights are largely to do with returning to art later in life with a determination to improve that completely surprised me, let alone those around me. "

"I aim to inspire and encourage learning if that’s your goal, but not overwhelm with detail. I’ll try not to underwhelm either. If it helps somebody else’s art journey, inspires someone to start painting, or simply helps you to enjoy it, I’ll have achieved what I set out to do."


For lovers of watercolour:

... a beautifully finished, quality hardback, including 67 full-page, beautifully photographed paintings on superior paper.


For fellow Watercolour Warriors:

... the table of content says it all!

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