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A holiday ... painting

It might seem strange to you that I would choose to spend a break painting. I believe the term is ‘Busman’s Holiday’!

When I’m painting with my work hat on, I absolutely love it as you all know. I’m fully engaged in the process of creating an expressive piece of art, and pouring more than just brushstrokes and composition into it. However, I’m often painting under time pressure and therefore the painting needs to ‘come good’, which involves a fraction less freedom to experiment than would otherwise be afforded to me.

But a painting holiday … immersion in nature, the great outdoors feeding the senses, surrounded by a group of likeminded painters. Now that’s what I call a break! For this one, I joined Steve Hall’s lively group at a wonderful hotel - Treglos - in Constantine Bay on the North Cornwall coast. As soon as I parked I was tingling with inspiration. Sometimes the slightest change of land and coast, just a few miles away from home can kick-start fresh vision and thoughts.

Here’s some of the paintings I produced while there. Suffice to say, it was magical, and I would encourage anybody thinking of going on such a holiday not to hesitate a moment longer. I shall keep plugging away at improving my en plein air work on such breaks, and any other time I can squeeze it in. I find an added bonus is a slight improvement in my ‘work’ painting when I return.

A Paddle in the Shallows

Sunny at Constantine


3rd Day at Constantine Bay

Steve and Matt

Rock from the Camel Trail

Cloudy at Constantine Bay

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