• Karen Thomas

A Passion for Watercolour

I'm happy to say that the first couple of weeks of arrival of my new book, A Passion for Watercolour, has produced a wonderful response that has been really humbling and made me feel truly glad I've taken the time to produce it.

I was quite apprehensive as to what the response would be to the very open approach in my book. I see I need not have worried, as those of you who have read it have told me how much they appreciated the combination of inspiration, but with lack of 'sugar coating'.

My first review is in, and I shall hand over to my friend, author / writer Dawn Robinson-Walsh who says it so much better than me ... she may be a little biased as somebody who did an excellent job of reviewing it from an editorial perspective, but it is an opinion I value and I've only just stopped blushing from reading it! You can click on the article to be taken to the actual review site:

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