My signature set of three top quality watercolour brushes.  


Having developed some firm preferences regarding how I like my tools to react, I've been working with one of the finest brush manufacturers in Europe to offer an uncompromising set of handmade brushes at a very attractive price.  


This beautifully packaged set comprises:


Size 12 Kolinsky Sable Expressive Point Round (8.2mm ferrule, 30mm hair length)

Size 09 Kolinsky Sable Expressive Point Round (5.5mm ferrule, 24mm hair length)

Size 08 Finest Synthetic Pointed Round (5.1mm, 21mm hair length)


The perfect point, snap and spring.  Great water-holding capacity, but also a consistent release rate.  A longer handle length for expressive work, and the perfect balance in the hand is what I believe we've achieved.  These tools are simply a joy to use and I'm proud to put my name on them.


The larger Kolinsky gives serious coverage, yet is capable of quite fine detail.  Unlike a lot of larger sable brushes I've tested, it doesn't release it's water in a gush ... too fast for my style.  Thanks to the steeple-shaped, hand-built belly and tip, the artist gains more control.


The size nine Kolinsky is wonderful for the main detail sections of a painting.  Huge water capacity still, but with the delicacy of point of a much smaller brush.


The third brush, a good synthetic, I've chosen a shape and stiffness that allows dry brush easily, and gives even greater control for those areas where finer detail is required.


But don't take my word for it!  Try them for yourself.  I believe you'll be surprised at how they perform in a similar manner to brushes twice the price.  

Expressive Brush Set *Free matching rigger brush included for February!*