Painting is an act of personal expression

Would you like to learn to paint glorious, expressive, loose watercolour?  


Visit my video tutorial site,  From complete beginners through to improvers, I've created some exciting paintings to try your hand at!  A new tutorial is released every two weeks, and I'm busy building a library of 'tip and technique' videos.  I offer a free tutorial so you can see if you enjoy learning with me.

The membership community has its own gallery and Facebook group, where members can encourage one another and ask me questions.  Each tutorial is full length, omitting nothing, filmed from five angles in sharp 4K.  I talk you through everything, from my thought process in arranging the composition, through to stretching paper, thoughtful brushwork and colour decisions.  


We have fun along the way!  I want my tutorials to be very real - I'm not afraid to mess up in front of you and battle an occasional painting to recover.  Radical in video-world perhaps, but I truly believe you learn more from it.  Painting is not an exact science, it's an act of personal expression.  Let's find the 'you' in your paintings x